Huband Contractors has a wide range of experience in pile driving.

Driven piles are structural columns driven into the ground to form foundation structures. Our driven piles are installed by using either impact or vibratory hammers. Huband Contractors has a range of piling attachments and pile drivers, so we are confident that we have the capabilities to get your pile-driving project up and running quickly, efficiently and economically.

Our piling rigs for driving piles are attached to a standard excavator, which allows us to work on challenging sites and those with difficult or limited access.

We are able to pile drive:

  • Timber piles from 150mm up to 350mm SED
  • Steel beams of varying lengths and widths
  • Pre-cast concrete piles

Timber driven piles are generally the most cost-effective option for deep foundations. Driven piles are particularly suited to very soft or wet ground conditions. Driven piles are also the preferred option for marine use, such as boardwalks, piers and wharves.

Driven piles (whether timber, steel, or concrete) tend to be the more environmentally friendly option because there is no removal of spoil. Therefore pile driving is particularly suited to sites of conservation importance or environmentally sensitive sites.

We install driven piles for house foundations, commercial foundations, accessways, retaining walls, boardwalks, piers and wharves, minor bridges, windbreaks and signage poles.

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