Road Construction and Pavement Rehabilitation

Roads connect us; it is a chief priority that they are kept in good condition and withstand wear and tear. Quality is essential; at Huband Contractors we understand the importance of good roads and pavements to a community. Whether a new access road to a development property or road repairs on well travelled roads, Huband Contractors strive to complete work that will surpass the expectations of all involved; both now and in the future.

Huband Contractors clients range from private clients and  developers to local body and government.

We carry out base course, sub base and rehabilitation work and have reliable sub contractors that can be used to complete any sealing and marking required.

Our certified drainlayers are our own direct resource and provide an advantage on roading and pavement projects as they have the knowledge and ability to lay and install public and private utilities such as sewers, stormwater and water utilities. This means that all areas of your job can be completed by us at an exceptional standard.

To ensure sub base and base course meet specification, Huband Contractors own their own clegg hammer. Huband Contractors have built their name on their reputation for delivering top quality work at a fair price and as a result they always strive to complete work to the best quality.